THAT'S SO HOT RIGHT NOW...Trends of Summer 2020

Haily Maki

Posted on June 18 2020

THAT'S SO HOT RIGHT NOW...Trends of Summer 2020

Head Scarfs

Another trend I've recently hopped on myself is the head scarf trend. Yes girl... they are making a comeback!! They are so cute, come in thousands of colors/ styles, and are super easy to style in multiple ways. You can tie those bad boys around your head, neck, waist, and even attach it to your beach bag for an added accessory!  You don't want to miss out on this hot new summer trend. You can shop some adorable head scarfs on The Haute & Honey along with some other awesome summer beachwear accessories. XO, H&H Sammi  

Hair Clips

Whether you’re having a crazy, bad hair day or not...hair clips will always be there to have your back. Categorizing themselves as a statement and current summer trend of 2020, hair clips are so in, and boy do I really hope they are here to stay! Coming in the cutest patterns, designs, and every color imaginable, hair clips are here to accessorize any outfit or hairdo. They will always be a go to accessory- whether you’re brunchin with your best gals, hitting the beach, or going out at night! Fortunately, The Haute and Honey sells the ultimate hair clip. The pearl-designed clip comes in the perfect size, and creates an overall girly and chic look. I have to admit, I throw it on with almost every outfit and it never goes wrong! Check out our hair clip today and hop on the cutest go to accessory! XO, H&H Rylee


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