Remembrance Day

Haily Maki

Posted on September 11 2020

Remembrance Day


Each year on the anniversary of 9/11, friends and families of victims gather for ceremonies in remembrance of the innocent lives that were taken. We come together as one to pay tribute to the heroic individuals who lost their lives. This day is filled with horror, sadness, sorrow and sacrifice and we should never forget it. Here at Haute & Honey we want to relay the importance of coming together as a community and remembering all of these heroes, all of the victims and all of the friends and families who have been personally affected by this tragedy. Not only is our creativity and passion a big thing here at H&H but our compassion exceeds our business. We hope that if you have lost a loved one, that you are in our prayers and thoughts on this day. Today is remembering those loved ones and us celebrating them.

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