It's okay guac, we're extra too!

Haily Maki

Posted on September 16 2020

It's okay guac, we're extra too!

Nothing goes better with a cold margarita than chips and guac! Today is National Guacamole Day and today here at H&H, we are ready to spice your day up with our fuego recipe! This recipe is super simple! First you will need avocados, tomatoes, a lime, some fresh peeled garlic, salt, pepper, onion and a whole lotta spicy personality. Second step is to mash up your avocados and then chop up the rest of your whole ingredients. Once you've chopped it all up, add it to your bowl. Top it off with salt, pepper, and lime. The final step is to grab some chips and dive in! Check out our TikTok to see a full tutorial on this super yummy guacamole. Leave a comment below if you try out this recipe, we would love to hear if you enjoyed it! 

Xo, Isabella 

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