International Day of the Girl

Haily Maki

Posted on October 11 2020

International Day of the Girl

What is the International Day of the girl? Well besides the most deserved day of recognition and appreciation, let’s talk about it. Day of the Girl was created to acknowledge and recognize girl’s rights and the unique challenges we face in society. With specific focuses on all the reasons we, as a global society, need to address the challenges, biases, dangers, and injustices young girls deal with all over the world. 

With a dedicated day to empower young women and educate them of all the potential they have and the impact they could make, we could create so many future CEOs or doctors. Studies show that an educated girl is less likely to contract HIV. According to The Malala Fund, if all girls went to school and got an education for 12 years, low and middle-income countries could add about $92 billion weekly to their economies. Raising awareness of this matter, not only benefits the 130 million girls in the world who are out of school but the economy and everyone else. 

Like a wise Beyonce once said, “Who run the world? GIRLS!” she was not lying. We truly have the power to empower girls who will become powerful, influential women who will run the world one day. 

It all starts by supporting one another, on October 3rd, 2020, we at H&H teamed up with five local, women-owned businesses for an evening full of self-love, self-care, and women empowerment. This being our first pop up event, we were so pleased with the success and cannot wait to continue participating in more events in the future! Thank you to all the lovely gals who came and supported as well as the other vendors for making this event so amazing!

Sending love & positive vibes today & everyday, 

Bella M.

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