H&H Spotlight Babe of the Week with Cass Tolliver

Haily Maki

Posted on October 06 2020

H&H Spotlight Babe of the Week with Cass Tolliver



Who are you? Cass Tolliver


Where can we find you? Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, VSCO, Pinterest

(IG, Facebook, Blog name, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest)


How old are you? 20


Describe your personality: Outgoing, bold, easy going, and independent


What’s your lucky number? 3


Describe your personal style: Trendy and mediterranean boho, with a little bit of chic


Morning person or Night owl? Actually both! But if i had to pick one, morning person


Favorite food? Waffles


Something that inspires you: Taylor Swift and Jesus


Favorite song right now: Cowboy in LA by Lany


Favorite book or TV show? New Girl


Celeb Crush? alexander 23


Why do you love H&H? I love H&H’s mission. They believe in giving back to the ocean while also inspiring women, and that is something that i personally believe in, too.


We loved getting to know this babe & we hope you do to!


Bella M.

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