We all need a little Faith

Haily Maki

Posted on August 05 2020

We all need a little Faith


It’s important to have faith. Have faith in something- yourself, your religion, your family, your job, or life itself. Faith is like a guide. It’s there when you feel lost, it’s there when you feel like nothing is going right, but it’s there to help you succeed. Holding expectations of faith only further encourages us to want to improve, face life’s challenges and beat them. As the world is going through a very strange time and people are continuously facing change, it’s important to lean on faith. Know that there is good, know that there will be greater times, and know that by having just a little bit of faith, things can and will get better. Experiencing and visualizing the ways that others rely on faith can also serve to inspire and push you to believe in something, someone, or simply yourself! At H&H, the faith that we have in each other and women ALL around the world encourages and reminds us everyday that we are powerful and we are the boss babes! 

XO, Ry

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