New year new you: How to upgrade your style in the new year

Cierra Tate

Posted on January 05 2024

New year new you: How to upgrade your style in the new year

Hey, Haute babes! We all have our resolutions coming into this new year. Now, I can't help you get in the gym, but I can help you elevate your style, so let me give you my two major styling tips for how to upgrade your fit.
First things first, you NEED to have a closet full of basics. Many of us tend to stray away from basics because we think they are boring (trust me, they can be), but don't worry about that. I will ensure you know how to spice them up with the next tip. If you can never find an outfit, you probably need more basics and have too many statement pieces. Here's a list of basics to be on the lookout for. (I'll be sure to include links to some of my favorite Haute and Honey versions)

When picking out these basics, opting for neutral colors is best.
These will be your staple pieces, and make sure you never say, "I don't have anything to wear."

Now for the fun part: how to build your outfits. I like to do this in two different ways. This is where your creativity comes into play. The first way is to choose a statement piece (This is the opposite of your basic. Think of a bright pink jean jacket or a neutral color top with a cool design/silhouette) and then build an outfit of basics around that piece. This could look like straight-leg jeans, a black baby tee, and a bright red floor-length sweater.
Option two is to start with your bases and add a statement piece at the end. I once heard a woman say to always add one more thing to your outfit once you finish getting dressed. (Think chunky earrings, necklaces, a watch, a colorful bucket hat, or even a coat) Follow these methods; I promise your day-to-day style will be all the better. Drop your own styling tips in the comments! Until next time Haute babes.

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