Lemonade...not the Beyonce album.

Haily Maki

Posted on August 19 2020

Lemonade...not the Beyonce album.


When life gives you lemons, you better make some lemonade! With school starting this month, and August 20th being National Lemonade Day, H&H wants to celebrate this sweet day with you gals! It’s so important to remember to stay positive and optimistic throughout your life, and the catchy phrase- “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, is here to remind us why. In this current time, it’s so easy to think there is simply no good coming. Whether you are Beyonce writing the Lemonade album or the world is tragically coming to an end. People have become lonely, schedules have completely reversed and it’s hard for most of us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. These are the most crucial times for us as individuals to dig deep and find that motivation. Know that there is good coming. Focus on turning this unpleasant, “sour” and uninviting time (the lemon) into something positive and desirable (the lemonade). So get with your best gals and follow along with us this Thursday for our “How To with H&H” and make our Strawberry Basil Frozen Lemonade Drink! We will be providing a tutorial on how to make this delicious drink so stay tuned on our instagram and make sure to sign up for our newsletter! 

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