Intern Spotlight

Haily Maki

Posted on July 28 2021

Intern Spotlight

This week Haily interviewed one of our interns Gianna, she is 19, from Boca Raton, FL and goes to FSU! She's been interning for H&H this summer and absolutely loves it!


What has been your favorite part of working for H&H?

I absolutely loved working the events, partaking in photoshoots for content and all the amazing opportunities that came along with it like going to Miami Swim Week and tradeshows.


What has been one off your least favorite things?

I wouldn’t say least favorite but, being consistent with content has been a challenge. I don’t love being on my phone all the time I find it very distracting and hard to keep up with.


What have you gained from this experience?

I have gained so much from this, I’ve learned how to run a business overall. I have learned about so much about fashion and about sales side of running a business which has been super interesting and cool to me. I’ve also had so much experience from interacting with people being able to work events and how to grow a social media which are all things I want to pursue in my future career.


What is your biggest takeaway?

I 100% gained confidence and actually found something that I want to be apart of and want to continue to help grow. I have learned so much and not just about fashion and social media, just about my work ethic and this experience has given me insight into what I want to do. I also get to take away from this experience is an amazing boss and friends that we all really just feel like a family and I know I will continue to be friends with everyone outside of this.


What advice can you give to someone else coming into the H&H family?

My advice would be is to work as hard as you can and take advantage of every opportunity that’s thrown at you because I have gotten to experience some amazing things and meet incredible people.



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