Healthy Girl Summer

Haily Maki

Posted on July 11 2022

Healthy Girl Summer

Hello H&H Babes! Another day another blog post! This week is swim week so we will get more into that in the next blog post. This week is all about how to stay healthy as it seems the whole world is getting sick again. What you put into your body is very important in how you feel and how you act. Make sure to drink plenty of water, water is good for your health but also your skin, try and drink at least half a gallon a day! We have the cutest tumblers to help you stay hydrated. 

Sleep is VERY important! As soon as you start to feel rundown, rest, it is ok to rest. 8 hours of sleep is recommended a night.

Take your vitamins, vitamin C, Zinc and D are important for the body. When getting that vitamin D in make sure to wear sunscreen SPF 30 and/or a hat. Make sure to check out our straw visor hats that are perfect for everyday wear protecting your skin.

Where do you keep the sunscreen, the vitamins, the tumblers? You will need our beach tote bags to keep your life organized and easy and all in one place.

I hope these were some helpful tips in order to stay healthy this summer!

See you next week H&H Babes!! xoxo

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